Basic Needs


Clothing and Essential Household Goods

  • Income eligible families who are in need of basic items but cannot afford to purchase them may shop for free at RetroWorks, our charity resale shop

Medical Needs

  • Financial help with prescriptions and other doctor-advised medical items
  • Gasoline vouchers for those who must drive to medical appointments

Heat and Utilities

  • Emergency firewood supply and seasonal financial help with payments for heating fuel and electricity in order to prevent homelessness

Housing and Shelter

  • Financial Assistance with payments for security deposits, rent, and mortgage payments to prevent or end homelessness

Rental Housing

  • Bristol Family Housing – affordable rentals in a country setting for income eligible families with children
  • Hill House Supportive Housing Program – transitional, supportive housing for homeless adults with serious mental illness and/or a substance abuse disorder, in partnership with the Counseling Services of Addison County
  • Elinor Sanchez Supportive Housing Project – subsidized apartments for people who have been homeless due to a disability

Homeless Assistance

  • Specialized help for the homeless, which includes use of showers, laundry vouchers, clothing, sleeping bags and tents, emergency hotel rooms, referrals, housing search, bus tokens and more
  • Outreach to homeless persons with mental illness or substance abuse disorders for the purpose of encouraging them to engage in services and treatment