HOPE – Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects

HOPE’s mission is to improve the lives of low income people in Addison County, Vermont by working with individuals to identify and secure the resources needed to meet their basic needs.Since 1965, HOPE, originally formed as the Addison County Community Action Group (ACCAG), has been providing a wide variety of programs to low income people. Our offerings are dynamic and flexible, responding to meet the evolving needs of our population. Rather than saying “this is what we do,” we sit down with people and ask “what do you need?” Then, we go to work to find the best way to help.

Help HOPE Meet the Challenge!

If 20 people become new sustaining donors to HOPE, we will receive a generous $10,000 gift to help fund our poverty relief work in Addison County.

You choose the amount of your monthly gift; every new sustaining donor takes us one step closer to meeting this challenge! Donate Now